Amanda Ragan, Different in DesMoines.

Amanda Ragan

Whose side is career politician Amanda Ragan really on?

While in Des Moines, she voted 99 times for special interest giveaways.

Voted to squander our tax dollars.
She agreed to spend millions on projects like expensive golf tournament promotions at a ritzy country club, a special trolley for lobbyists at the capitol, and heated sidewalks and streets for Des Moines that could have cost up to $5 million.

Voted to give taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants.
She also voted against a plan to keep illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer-funded benefits.

Voted NO when she had the chance to give working families a tax cut
While Iowa's families were working hard to balance their own budgets and make ends meet, she was in Des Moines voting on $1.2 billion in new debt obligations.